"Memphis" at Cape Fear Regional Theatre​ (2019

"Matthew Mucha’s boyish charm makes his charismatic, enthusiastic, and exuberant portrayal of Huey that much more stopping numbers including...Mucha's impassioned rendition of Memphis Lives In Me." - Lauren Van Hemert, RDU On Stage


"Mucha is heartwarming as Huey. His zany performance is just the right mix of naivete and measured refusal to draw color lines. His indifference to color is really the message of the story of 'Memphis'...Mucha deliver[s] a rousing performance..." - April Olsen, Up and Coming Weekly

"Tuck Everlasting" at Southeastern Summer Theatre Institute (2018)

"...This production was unlike any we had seen own very favorite musical scene was "My Most Beautiful Day"...and "The Wheel" which really is the kind of existential message at the heart of the show. What an amazing production." - Nancy Wellard, Special To the Island packet

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" at The Princeton Festival (2018)

"Matthew Mucha as Miles Gloriosus looked, acted and sang the part to hyper-macho perfection." - Toby Grace, Out in Jersey magazine

"Matthew Mucha stomps with warrior zeal as Miles Gloriosus." - Neal Zoren,